Known as a producer of insulating panels, Dialust 2000 IMPEX SRL comes with an efficient solution for housing: cheap houses, houses made ​​with steel frame and insulating wall panels.
             The elements for this kind of houses are made in our own factory, which has the advantage that the elements are made under strict control.         

Building cheap houses

    A solution for the lack of quality housing space and consumers low financial strength, exacerbated by the difficulty of obtaining credit
mortgage, the Romanian real estate market is perfectly suited to this
inexpensive houses technology, offering to broad masses of the population the  opportunity to build a house with 3-4 bedrooms and 2-3 bathrooms, garage, at the price of an average apartment.

steel structure houses, the cheapest houses

     With four years of experience in the field, Dialust 2000 IMPEX SRL comes with a new offer: a house built on a steel structure,( laminated profiles poles, closed with insulating panels with the thickness of 80-100mm, with rustic brick look or plastered with organic materials for framing the perfect environment.

     In the summer of 2008, DIALUST 2000 IMPEX SRL has built a
production space with an area of ​​4000 square meters, 6,000 square meters platforms with modern equipment, latest generation equipment and large office spaces. All these are in an area with easy access, near the roads belt (Tuborg , Selgros -Pantelimon :Garii Pasarea Street nr. 10)

      Also DIALUST 2000 IMPEX SRL has increased the capacity for automobiles, excavating machinery and equipment for working at height. Structures made ​​of steel profiles with high resistance and low weight of its own have a high resistance to earthquakes, and are recommended to be used successfully to build houses, head offices, hotels, schools, hospitals and for extensions, attics, annexes.

Cheap houses a solution for major cities

     Due to the performance of thermal insulation sandwich wall panels with expanded fireproof polystyrene insulation that is high superior to masonry, you get a useful increase in the surface up to 10% (a 200 sqm house, for example, wins a 20sqm room without affecting the built area). In this way we can offer you an unexpensive spacious house at the price of a medium apartment. This is very important especially in cities where land is small and the imposed withdrawal do not allow the development of a generous house.

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