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houses with steel frame BENEFITS

          The construction of houses with steel frame and panels has several advantages over the classic masonry / concrete:


  • Safety and resistance to seismic actions
  • High thermal and sound insulation
  • Superior quality of work because of the execution made inside the hall, in optimal conditions, under the strict supervision of quality control department, largely avoiding the drawbacks characteristic of work on site (weather, work at height for walls, floor, roof, etc.)
  • Shorter execution time generating lower costs of manufacturing,the assembly of the house including roof protection film is done in 12-14 days and so reducing the stress generated by this construction site for the beneficiary
  • Constuction price is small, up to 30-40% less than masonry homes
  • Possibility of interior and exterior finishing to a great diversity, with materials of last generation, at the beneficiary choice
  • Possibility of rapid repartitioning with light walls and cost-effective
  • The structure is light compared to the masonry , requiring a simple and easily executed foundation
  • High thermal resistance, thereby reducing operating costs (heating, cooling) by about 50% compared to the masonry construction, which has a much higher thermal inertia. A house with wall panels can be unheated from several hours to several days after that, if necessary, you can reheat in minutes.
  • Choosing the exterior arhitecture and materials results in attractive and durable buildings
  • The achievement of this kind of house can also involve non-specialized people (under the guidance of specialist), thus encouraging words "to plant a tree to raise a child to make a house"
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